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Are you EnviroReady?

A company that is EnviroReady has an environmental management system (EMS) in place that is based on the requirements in ISO 14001:2004 and has had their EMS confirmed by an EnviroReady Report Accountant.

Why is this a good business decision?

Every company, big or small, likes to think of their business as being green; certainly that's what they want their customers and clients to believe. Being green is more than just good intentions, an exercise in reputation management or a slick marketing campaign. It's smart business.

Smart is part of the new KISS. Keep it simple, smart (sustainable, manageable, accountable, responsible, and transparent).

Are you currently a more informally managed entity?

If you own or manage a company with fewer than 50 employees, it is not uncommon that you operate "informally". Generally that means the absence of documented elements such as a policy, procedures, and plans. About 95% of businesses in most national economies are in this situation. So you are not alone.

Small business experts around the world agree that increases in formality lead to improvements in productivity, profitability and prosperity. That's money in your pocket.

Adopting an environmental management system, an EMS, can help you enhance the formality of your business. By adding the environmental element, you can green your productivity at the same time, netting "two birds at one time".

Do you have a formal system now for managing your business?

If so, adding an EMS may be relatively simple, quick and inexpensive. Managers may be surprised by how close they are to having an EMS in place. How can you find out?

One, read the standard, ISO 14001:2004, and decide what you have and what you need. A tip- the "shall" statements in Clause 4 represent the requirements of the standard. Where a sentence uses the word "should" it's a suggestion. It is your responsibility to determine how you make this work for your own organization.

Two, www.goingforthegreen.net offers a free checklist for its members to let them see for themselves how close they are. Members also get priority access to tools or tools offered at a discount to help them determine their next steps based on their own priorities to gain competitive advantage.

Three, check with an EnviroReady Accountant to see where you stand. Your EnviroReady Accountant cannot help you build your EMS, but they can help you understand the business case quickly and efficiently. [Find...]

Why should this be on your "to do" list for this year?

Business leaders from organizations large and small understand that their company is part of, and accountable to, a larger body - be it other organizations, governments, the public, or their community. The body of evidence is growing which demonstrates that businesses that effectively manage their relationship with the environment tend to be better managed companies overall, with lower costs, less turnover, and higher profits. These companies see the management of the environment as a competitive advantage. Public sector organizations know that every dollar spent must be done wisely, and with the environment as one of their criteria for expenditures from the public purse.

Accountability closes the gap between intention and action. It makes organizations respectable; it is the foundation for an ethical business culture. It is the basis for a level of trust that is critical in a growing green global marketplace.

Do you wish to market your organization as EnviroReady? Find a Professional Accountant to help get EnviroReady.

He or she will advise you what steps you need to take and outline the Terms and Conditions of the logo's use in your marketing efforts. If your accountant is not yet EnviroReady, share your interest and a link to this site.

Join the growing green global market. Post your corporate profile on the Registry once you have a robust and credible EMS in place. It's free.