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EnviroReady Accountant

Who is an EnviroReady Accountant?

If a professional accountant is EnviroReady it means that he or she can conduct an Agreed Upon Procedure (AUP) to confirm the existence of a client's Environmental Management System (EMS) that meets or exceeds the requirements in ISO 14001. The standard recognizes four options for confirming the presence of a robust and credible EMS. Option 3 is based on the EnviroReady Report. The client offering is referred to as an EnviroReady Report.

Who can become an EnviroReady Accountant?

A professional accountant who has successfully completed the EnviroReady learning process and is confirmed as a member in good standing with their respective national/provincial/state institute or society receives a Certificate of Recognition. The certificate includes a member number and the EnviroReady logo, which the professional accountant may use in marketing applications such as a business card and on letterhead as long as he or she maintains his or her Recognition status.

How do clients find EnviroReady Accountants?

EnviroReady Accountants who maintain their Recognition are posted on the exclusive database that the Registry hosts. Any customer or stakeholder wishing to confirm the status of a professional accountant with regard to the provision of this service, can click here. Our database allows existing clients and interested parties to confirm the Recognition holders and to help organizations find professional accountants who can provide the EnviroReady Report. Only those that have excelled in the learning process, have proven they are a member in good standing of their accounting institute or society and maintain their currency through the Registry can legally and ethically use the EnviroReady Report.

What if an accountant states that he or she is offering a similar service but does not have the appropriate Recognition from the Registry? It's about credibility and accountability. How will you be able to demonstrate this to your market?

Are you an EnviroReady Accountant?

No? Take the Learning Process and become EnviroReady.